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Lobby Card Sets (877)

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Title Country
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein USA Ita (-3)
Abbott and Costello Meet Jekyll & Hyde USA
The Adventures of Robin Hood USA
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes USA
The African Queen USA UK
After the Thin Man USA
Aliens USA UK
All About Eve USA Ita D (-1) / Ita (-3)
All Quiet on the Western Front USA-R34
The Amazing Colossal Man USA
American in Paris, An USA Ita (-7)
Ita-R54 (-4)
American Werewolf in London, An UK
Anatomy of a Murder USA
Angels With Dirty Faces USA-R45 Ita
Anna Christie USA (-1)
Anna Karenina USA
The Apartment USA
Apocalypse Now USA
The Asphalt Jungle USA
Assault on Precinct 13 UK
The Astounding She Monster USA
Attack of the Crab Monsters USA
Attack of the Fifty Ft. Woman USA
The Awful Truth USA
Baby Face USA (-1)
The Bad and the Beautiful USA
Ball of Fire USA
Bambi Ita (-6)
The Band Wagon USA
The Bank Dick USA
Barbarella USA Ita D / Ita (-1) UK Fra
USA (Mini)
Batman USA UK
USA (Mini)
The Bat Whispers USA (-1)
The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms USA
Beggars of Life USA (-1)
Beginning of the End USA
Belle de Jour USA Ita
Ben-Hur USA
The Best Years of Our Lives USA
Bicycle Thieves Ita
The Big Sleep Ita (-2)
The Birds USA Ita UK
The Birth of a Nation USA-R21
The Bitter Tea of General Yen USA
The Black Cat USA
Black Friday USA
Blackmail USA (-4)
Black Moon USA (-2)
Black Narcissus USA UK
The Black Room USA
Blade Runner USA
USA (Mini)
Blazing Saddles USA
The Blob USA
Blonde Venus USA (-1)
Blow-Up USA UK
The Blue Dahlia USA
Blue Velvet USA
The Body Snatcher USA
Bogart, Humphrey*
Bond, James*
Bonnie and Clyde USA UK
Breakfast at Tiffany's USA Ita (-4) UK
USA (Mini)
Breathless USA
The Bride of Frankenstein USA
Brief Encounter USA
Brighton Rock UK
Bringing Up Baby USA
USA-R41 (-1)
Bullitt Ita
Bus Stop USA
Ita-R60s (-2)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid USA UK
Cabaret USA
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari USA
Camille USA
The Canary Murder Case USA
Captain Blood USA
Captain Clegg UK
Captive Wild Woman USA
Carnival of Souls USA
Casablanca USA Ita D (-3) / Ita (-12)
USA-R49 Ita D-R49 (-1) / Ita-R49 (-11)
USA-R56 Ita-R62
Casque d'Or Ita-R55 (-3)
The Cat and the Canary USA
Cat People USA
Children of Paradise Fra (Deluxe) (-6)
Fra (-20)
Chinatown USA Ita
Christmas in July USA (-1)
Citizen Kane USA Ita (-10)
City Lights USA
Clash of the Titans USA
Cleopatra USA
Cleopatra USA
A Clockwork Orange USA (-3)
USA (International)
Cool Hand Luke USA UK
Creature From the Black Lagoon USA
The Creature Walks Among Us USA
The Crowd USA
The Curse of Frankenstein UK
Curse of the Demon USA
The Curse of the Werewolf USA
Daleks-Invasion Earth 2150 A.D UK
Dames USA
Dances With Wolves USA
Danger Diabolik USA
Dante's Inferno USA
Dante's Inferno USA
Dark Passage USA
Dark Victory USA
The Dawn Patrol USA
A Day at the Races USA
Day for Night USA
The Day of the Triffids USA UK
The Day the Earth Stood Still USA Ita D (-1) / Ita (-2)
Dead of Night USA
Dead Reckoning USA
Death Takes a Holiday USA
Destination Moon USA
Destry Rides Again USA
The Devil Doll USA
Devil Girl From Mars USA
The Devil Is a Woman USA
The Devil's Brother USA (-1)
Dial M for Murder USA Ita D / Ita UK
Diamonds Are Forever USA UK
Dinner at Eight USA
Dirty Harry USA UK
Doctor Cyclops USA Ita (-2)
Dodsworth USA
Don't Bother to Knock USA Ita D (-1) / Ita (-5)
Double Indemnity USA
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde USA
Dr. No USA Ita UK
Dr. Strangelove USA UK
Dr. Who & the Daleks USA UK
Dracula USA
Dracula USA Ita UK
Dracula's Daughter USA
Duck Soup USA UK (-1)
Dumbo USA
Earth vs. the Flying Saucers USA
Easter Parade USA
East of Eden USA Ita (-1) UK
USA (Mini) UK-R57
Easy Rider USA
Ecstasy USA-R44
Eight and a Half Ita D / Ita (-2)
The Empire Strikes Back USA UK
USA (Mini)
Enter the Dragon USA
Family Plot USA
Fantasia USA
Fantastic Voyage USA UK
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! USA
A Fistful of Dollars USA UK
Five Easy Pieces USA
The Fly USA UK
The Flying Deuces USA
Flying Down to Rio USA
Follow the Fleet USA
Footlight Parade USA (-1)
For a Few Dollars More UK
Forbidden Planet USA Ita
USA (Mini)
Foreign Correspondent USA Ita (-11)
USA-R47 Ita-R57 (-4)
42nd Street USA
Frankenstein USA
USA-R51 UK-R57 Ger-R57
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman USA Ita (-4)
Freaks USA
Frenzy USA
From Here to Eternity USA
From Russia With Love USA Ita UK
The General USA
Genevieve USA
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes USA
Get Carter USA
Ghostbusters USA
The Ghost of Frankenstein USA Ita (-8)
Giant USA Ita UK
USA (Mini)
Gilda USA
The Girl Can't Help It USA UK
The Glass Key USA
The Godfather USA
USA (Mini)
The Godfather Part II USA
USA (International)
Godzilla USA
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad USA UK
Goldfinger USA UK
The Gold Rush USA
Gone With the Wind USA Ita D (-3) / Ita (-4) UK
Ita-R54 (-6)
Ita Q-R56 (-1) / Ita-R56
USA-R67 (Mini)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly USA UK
The Graduate USA UK
USA-R68 (International)
Grand Hotel USA
Grand Illusion Ita
Grant, Cary*
The Grapes of Wrath USA Ita D (-1) / Ita (-4)
Grease USA
The Great Escape UK
Great Expectations USA
Green for Danger USA
Gun Crazy USA
Gunga Din USA
Hail the Conquering Hero USA
A Hard Day's Night USA
Harvey USA
Hell's Angels USA
Help! USA
Henry V USA
USA (Deluxe)
High Noon USA
High Sierra USA
His Girl Friday USA
Hitchcock, Alfred*
Holiday USA
The Hound of the Baskervilles USA
The Hound of the Baskervilles UK
House of Dracula USA Ita (-5)
The House of Frankenstein USA
House on Haunted Hill USA
How to Make a Monster USA
How to Marry a Millionaire USA Ita (-3) UK
USA (Mini) (-2)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame USA
The Hustler USA
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang USA
I Confess USA Ita (-4)
I Married a Monster from Outer Space USA
I Married a Witch USA
I Walked with a Zombie USA
I Wanted Wings USA Ita (-5)
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein USA
I Was a Teenage Werewolf USA
I'm No Angel USA
The Incredibles USA
The Incredible Shrinking Man USA Ita
Invaders From Mars USA Ita (-4)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers USA Ita
Invasion of the Saucer-Men USA
The Invisible Man USA (-4)
The Invisible Man Returns USA Ita (-8)
The Invisible Man's Revenge USA Ita (-4)
The Invisible Ray USA
The Invisible Woman USA
Island of Lost Souls USA
The Italian Job USA
It Came From Beneath the Sea USA
It Came From Outer Space USA Ita D / Ita (-2)
It Conquered the World USA
It Happened One Night USA
It's a Wonderful Life USA Ita (-3)
Jailhouse Rock USA
Jamaica Inn USA
Jane Eyre USA
Jason and the Argonauts USA UK
USA (Mini)
Jaws USA
Jezebel USA
The Jungle Book USA
Jurassic Park USA
Karloff, Boris*
King Kong USA
King Kong vs. Godzilla UK
The Kiss of the Vampire USA
Ladies of the Chorus USA
Ladies They Talk About USA
La Dolce Vita USA Ita D / Ita UK
The Lady Eve USA
The Lady From Shanghai USA Ita (-7)
The Lady in the Lake USA
The Lady Vanishes USA
The Land Unknown USA
La Notte USA Ita
La Strada Ita D / Ita (-1)
Laura USA
L'Avventura USA Ita (-1)
Lawrence of Arabia USA
Leave Her to Heaven USA
The Leopard USA
The Leopard Man USA
The Letter USA
Libeled Lady USA
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp USA (-2)
Lifeboat USA
Little Caesar USA (-4)
The Little Foxes USA
The Little Mermaid USA
Live and Let Die USA UK
Logan's Run USA
Lolita USA
London After Midnight USA
Lost Horizon USA
The Lost World USA
Love Before Breakfast USA
Love Me Tonight USA
Lugosi, Bela*
M USA-R40 (-2)
Mad Love USA
The Magnificent Ambersons USA
The Magnificent Seven UK
The Maltese Falcon USA Ita-R61
The Man From Planet X USA
Manhattan USA
The Man in the White Suit UK
The Man Who Could Work Miracles USA
The Man Who Knew Too Much USA
The Man Who Knew Too Much USA Ita (-4) Spa
The Man With the Golden Arm USA
The Man With the Golden Gun USA UK
Marilyn USA
Mark of the Vampire USA
The Mark of Zorro USA
Marnie USA Ita UK
Mary Poppins USA
The Mask of Fu Manchu USA
Mata Hari USA
The Matrix USA
A Matter of Life and Death USA
Mean Streets USA
Meet Me in St. Louis USA
Metropolis USA (-4) Ger (Postcard)
Midnight USA
A Midsummer Night's Dream USA
Mighty Joe Young USA
Mildred Pierce USA
The Mind Reader USA
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek USA
Modern Times USA
The Mole People USA
Monkey Business USA
Monkey Business USA
The Monkey's Paw USA (-1)
Mon Oncle UK
Monroe, Marilyn*
The Monster and the Girl USA
Monty Python and the Holy Grail UK
Monty Python's Life of Brian UK (-1)
Moon Over Miami USA
Moonraker USA UK
Morocco USA (-1)
The Most Dangerous Game USA
Mr. & Mrs. Smith USA Ita
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town USA
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington USA
The Mummy USA
The Mummy USA UK
The Mummy's Curse USA
The Mummy's Ghost USA
The Mummy's Hand USA
The Mummy's Tomb USA
Murder, My Sweet USA
Murders in the Rue Morgue USA
Murders in the Zoo USA (-2)
The Music Box (short) USA (-4)
Mutiny on the Bounty USA
My Darling Clementine USA
My Fair Lady USA
My Man Godfrey USA
The Mystery of the Wax Museum USA (-3)
The Naked Gun USA
Never Say Never Again USA
Niagara USA Ita D (-1) / Ita (-3) UK
A Night at the Opera USA
Nightmare Alley USA
The Nightmare Before Christmas USA
The Night of the Hunter USA
Night of the Living Dead USA
Nights of Cabiria Ita
Ninotchka USA
No More Orchids USA
North by Northwest USA Ita
USA (Mini)
Nothing Sacred USA
Not of This Earth USA
Notorious USA Ita (-5)
Now, Voyager USA
Ocean's 11 USA
Octopussy USA
Odd Man Out USA
Of Human Bondage USA
The Old Dark House USA
On Her Majesty's Secret Service USA UK
Once Upon a Time in the West USA
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest USA
One Million B.C. USA
One Million Years B.C. USA Ita (-2) UK
Only Angels Have Wings USA
On the Town USA
On the Waterfront USA Ita D / Ita
Our Hospitality USA (-1)
Our Relations USA
The Outlaw USA
Out of the Past USA
The Palm Beach Story USA
The Paradine Case USA
Peeping Tom USA UK
UK (International)
Persona Ita
Peter Pan UK
The Petrified Forest USA
The Phantom of the Opera USA
The Phantom of the Opera USA Ita (-6)
USA-R48 (Mini)
The Phantom of the Opera UK
The Philadelphia Story USA
Picnic UK
The Picture of Dorian Gray USA
Pinocchio USA Ita (-5)
USA (Mini) (-2)
USA (Deluxe)
Pit and the Pendulum USA
A Place in the Sun USA Ita (-5)
Planet of the Apes UK
Plan 9 From Outer Space USA
The Postman Always Rings Twice USA
The Prince and the Showgirl USA Ita (-9) UK
USA (Mini)
The Prisoner of Zenda USA
Psycho USA Ita D / Ita
The Public Enemy USA
Pulp Fiction Spa
Purple Noon Ita-R66
Pygmalion USA
Queen Christina USA (-1)
The Quiet Man USA
Raiders of the Lost Ark USA
Rain USA
Rashomon USA
The Raven USA
Rear Window USA Ita D / Ita UK
USA-R62 Ita-R60 (-1) Fra-R60
Rebecca USA Ita (-5)
Rebel Without a Cause USA Ita UK
USA (Mini)
Red Dust USA
Red Headed Woman USA
Red River USA
The Red Shoes USA Ita (-2) UK
The Return of Dr. X USA (-1)
The Return of the Fly USA
Return of the Jedi USA
USA (Mini)
Return of the Vampire USA
Revenge of the Creature USA
Rififi USA
River of No Return USA Ita UK
The Roaring Twenties USA
Rocketship X-M USA
The Rocky Horror Picture Show USA
Roman Holiday USA
Rope USA Ita
Sabotage USA
Saboteur USA Ita (-6)
USA-R48 Ita D-R50s (-1) / Ita-R50s
Sabrina USA Ita D / Ita
Samson and Delilah Ita D (-2) / Ita (-2) UK
Saturday Night Fever USA
Scarface USA
Scarface USA
The Scarlet Claw USA
The Scarlet Empress USA
Schindler's List USA
The Sea Hawk USA
The Searchers USA Ita (-2) UK
USA (Mini)
The Secret Agent USA
Sergeant York USA
The Seventh Seal Ita (-3)
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad USA
The Seven Year Itch USA Ita (-2) UK
Shadow of a Doubt USA
USA-R50 (-4)
Shane USA
Shanghai Express USA
She Done Him Wrong USA
The Sheik USA
Sherlock Jr. USA (-1)
The Shining USA
The Shop Around the Corner USA
A Shot in the Dark USA Fra
The Sign of the Cross USA
Singin' in the Rain USA
USA (Deluxe)
The Sin of Nora Moran USA (-1)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs USA
Some Like It Hot USA Ita
Son of Dracula USA
Son of Frankenstein USA
Son of Kong USA (-4)
Sons of the Desert USA
Spartacus UK
Spellbound USA
Spies USA
The Spy Who Loved Me USA
Stagecoach USA
Stage Fright USA Ita (-9)
A Star Is Born USA UK
Star Trek: The Motion Picture USA
Star Wars USA UK
USA (Mini)
Stewart, James*
Strangers on a Train USA Ita (-6)
USA-R61 Ita-R61
A Streetcar Named Desire USA
Sullivan's Travels USA
Sunrise USA
Sunset Blvd. USA
Suspicion USA
Swing Time USA
The Talk of the Town USA
Tarantula! USA Ita D / Ita (-4)
Target Earth USA
Taxi Driver USA
USA (International)
The Terminator USA UK
USA (Mini)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day USA
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre USA
Them! USA
Theodora Goes Wild USA
The Thief of Bagdad USA
The Thing From Another World USA Ita (-4)
Things to Come USA
The Thin Man USA
The Third Man USA
The 39 Steps USA
This Gun for Hire USA
This Island Earth USA Ita D / Ita (-6) UK
Thunderball USA UK
The Time Machine USA Ita (-1)
USA (Mini)
To Be or Not to Be USA
To Catch a Thief USA Ita (-4) Spa
USA (Mini)
Topaz USA
USA (International)
Top Hat USA
Topper USA
Torn Curtain USA
Touch of Evil USA
Toy Story USA
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre USA
Trouble in Paradise USA (-2)
The Trouble With Harry USA Ita (-5) UK
20th Century USA (-1)
20 Million Miles to Earth USA
2001: A Space Odyssey USA Ita UK
USA (Mini) UK (Deluxe)
Two Women USA (International)
Under Capricorn USA UK
The Unearthly USA
Unfaithfully Yours USA
The Unholy Three USA
The Uninvited USA
Universal Horror*
The Vampire Bat USA
The Vampire Lovers USA UK
Vertigo USA Ita (-4) UK Spa
Village of the Damned USA
The Wages of Fear USA
The Walking Dead USA
The War of the Worlds USA Ita D / Ita UK
USA-R65 UK-R65
The Wasp Woman USA
Waterloo Bridge USA
The Way of the Dragon HK-R80s
Way Out West USA
Werewolf of London USA
West Side Story UK
When Harry Met Sally UK
When Worlds Collide USA
Where Eagles Dare USA
White Heat USA
White Zombie USA
The Wicker Man USA UK
The Wild Bunch USA
The Wild One USA
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? UK
Wings USA
The Wizard of Oz USA
USA (Mini) (-2)
USA-R49 Ita-R48 (Deluxe) (-10)
Ita-R48 (-4)
USA-R55 UK-R55
The Wolf Man USA Ita (-9)
Woman of the River USA-R57 Ita
The Women USA
World Without End USA UK
The Wrong Man USA Ita (-1)
Wuthering Heights USA
Yield to the Night USA
You Can't Take It With You USA
Ita-R51 (-5)
You Only Live Twice USA UK
Young and Innocent USA
You Were Never Lovelier USA
Zoo in Budapest USA
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