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King Kong

Stars: Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot
Directors: Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack
RKO Radio production 601, released in Apr-1933
Re-Release: by RKO Radio 1938
Re-Release: by RKO Radio 1942 (NSS 42/267)
Re-Release: by RKO Radio 1946/47
Re-Release: by RKO Radio 1952 (NSS R52/206)
Re-Release: by RKO Radio 1956 (NSS R56/263)
Re-Release: by RKO Radio 1959

Posters and other Promotional Items
One-Sheet - Style A One-Sheet - Style B Three-Sheet - Style A Three-Sheet - Style B Six-Sheet
Lobby Hanger Door Knob Hanger Jigsaw Standee
French Grande - Style A French Grande - Style B French Four Panel German Four-Sheet
One-Sheet - R38 Insert - R42 Half-Sheet - Style B - R42 Italian Two-Sheet - R49 One-Sheet - R56 Three-Sheet - R56

Four of the five original French Grande styles have survived, but these two are by far the most popular.
The artwork for the R1956 one-sheet improved on that of the three previous releases (R1942, R1947 and R1952).

Lobby Cards and Stills
Posed Lobby Card - R42 Posed Set
Set Title Card - R46 German Aushangfoto Lobby Card - R38 Lobby Card Lobby Card
Lobby Card - R46 Film FOH Card - R47 Lobby Card - R59 Film - R52 Lobby Card - R56
Lobby Card Lobby Card - R38 Lobby Card - R38 Lobby Card

Only three of the R1959 lobby cards have surfaced to date. See below.
The scene featuring Kong in front of the NY skyline is a montage and doesn't appear in the film.

Lobby Card Sets
Cards in scene order
Sets made with Irfanview
First Release Re-Release 1938 Re-Release 1942
Re-Release 1946 Re-Release 1952 Re-Release 1956


Images of the R1959 lobby cards.