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Lobby Card Sets

Science-Fiction (80)

Title Country
Aliens USA
The Amazing Colossal Man USA
The Astounding She Monster USA
Attack Of The Crab Monsters USA
Attack Of The Fifty Ft. Woman USA
Barbarella USA Ita UK
USA (Mini)
Beginning Of The End USA
Blade Runner USA
USA (Mini)
The Blob USA
A Clockwork Orange USA
The Day Of The Triffids USA
The Day The Earth Stood Still USA Ita / Ita
Destination Moon USA
Dr. Who And The Daleks UK
Earth vs. The Flying Saucers USA
The Empire Strikes Back USA
Forbidden Planet USA Ita
USA (Mini)
I Married A Monster From Outer Space USA
The Incredible Shrinking Man USA Ita
Invaders From Mars USA
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers USA Ita
Invasion Of The Saucer-Men USA
It Came From Beneath The Sea USA
It Came From Outer Space USA Ita / Ita
The Man From Planet X USA
The Man Who Could Work Miracles USA
The Matrix USA
Metropolis USA (-4) Ger (Postcard)
Not Of This Earth USA
Planet Of The Apes UK
Plan 9 From Outer Space USA
Return Of The Jedi USA
USA (Mini)
Rocketship X-M USA
Star Wars USA
USA (Mini)
Tarantula! USA Ita / Ita
Target Earth USA
The Terminator USA UK
USA (Mini)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day USA
Them! USA
The Thing From Another World USA Ita
Things To Come USA
This Island Earth USA Ita / Ita
The Time Machine USA Ita
USA (Mini)
20 Million Miles To Earth USA
2001: A Space Odyssey USA Ita UK
USA (Mini) UK (Deluxe)
Village Of The Damned USA
The War Of The Worlds USA Ita / Ita UK
USA-R65 UK-R65
The Wasp Woman USA
When Worlds Collide USA
World Without End USA
Total 59 12 8 1