Posters, Lobbies and Stills

A selection of movie memorabilia, with vintage movie posters, lobby cards and stills

France (177)

French Mini (2)

18x22 inches (rare size)
16x23 inches (rare size)

Dawn of the Dead
The Hustler
French Petit (20)

23x32 inches

Also 32x23 inches (rare size)
French Regional (2)

32x47 inches

Also 47x32 inches (rare size)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

These are used as the main poster in town cinemas, instead of the larger grande
French Grande (66)

47x63 inches
French Two Panel (12)

94x63 inches
French Four Panel (4)

126x94 inches

Also 94x126 inches

King Kong
The Passion of Joan of Arc
French Six Panel (1)

158x118 inches
French Lobby Card (51)

12x9 inches
9x12 inches
14x18 inches
(deluxe, on cardboard)

12x9 inches
9x12 inches
17x10 inches
(on card)
French Lobby Card Set

Set of twelve cards

Sets made with Irfanview
French Photo Still (12)

9x7 inches
7x9 inches
8x10 inches
12x9 inches
9x12 inches
French Postcard (2)

3.5x5 inches

An American in Paris
Woman of the River
Personality Poster (7)
MGM MGM MGM Paramount Warner Bros.
1938 1938 1938 1946-48 1939

23x32 inches
47x63 inches
26x39 inches
French Pressbook (2+1)

19x13 inches
13x19 inches

Belle de Jour (2)
Rules of the Game