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Updated 12th August 2022

Lobby Card Sets

Title Country
The Apartment USA (revised)
Assault on Precinct 13 UK
Baby Face USA (-1) (revised)
Beggars of Life USA (-1)
Blonde Venus USA (-1) (revised)
Blue Velvet USA (revised)
Breathless USA (revised)
Bringing Up Baby USA-R41 (-1)
Captain Blood USA (revised)
Cleopatra USA
A Clockwork Orange USA (International)
Dr. No UK (revised)
How to Marry a Millionaire UK (revised)
The Invisible Man USA-R47 (new date)
The Invisible Man Returns USA-R47 (new date)
The Invisible Woman USA-R48 (revised)
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp USA (-2) (new date)
The Mummy's Tomb USA-R48 (new date)
Niagara UK
A Night at the Opera USA-R48
One Million Years B.C. Ita (-2) (revised)
On the Town USA
Peeping Tom USA
The Public Enemy USA-R54
River of No Return UK
The Rocky Horror Picture Show USA (replaces Mini set)
Shadow of a Doubt USA-R46 (revised)
Some Like It Hot Ita (revised)
Sons of the Desert USA-R45
Star Wars UK
The Trouble With Harry Ita (-5) (revised)
Under Capricorn UK
Way Out West USA (revised)
West Side Story UK
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? UK
World Without End UK

Updated 12th March 2022

Lobby Card Sets

Title Country
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Ita (-3)
Apocalypse Now USA
Citizen Kane Ita (-10)
Easter Parade USA
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman Ita (-4)
The Godfather USA
USA (Mini)
The Godfather Part II USA
USA (International)
The Grapes of Wrath Ita D (-1) / Ita (-4)
The Hound of the Baskervilles UK
Invaders From Mars Ita (-4)
It's a Wonderful Life Ita (-3)
The Lady From Shanghai Ita (-7)
Little Caesar USA-R54
Love Me Tonight USA
No More Orchids USA (revised)
The Return of Dr. X USA (-1) (revised)
The Seven Year Itch Ita (-2) (revised)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture USA
You Were Never Lovelier USA

Updated 12th February 2022

Lobby Card Sets

Title Country
All About Eve Ita D (-1) / Ita (-3)
Barbarella UK (revised) Fra
Batman USA (revised)
Blazing Saddles USA
Blonde Venus USA (-1)
The Day the Earth Stood Still Ita D (-1) / Ita (-2)
Doctor Cyclops Ita (-2)
Frankenstein Ger-R57 (set)
The Girl Can't Help It UK
Henry V USA
House of Dracula Ita (-5)
The Hustler USA
The Invisible Man Returns Ita (-8)
The Italian Job USA
It Came From Outer Space Ita D / Ita (-2)
La Dolce Vita USA-R66 (revised)
Leave Her to Heaven USA
Logan's Run USA
Manhattan USA
The Man With the Golden Arm USA
Mary Poppins USA
Midnight USA
Murders in the Zoo USA (-2)
Niagara Ita D (-1) / Ita (-3)
Notorious Ita (-5) (one new)
The Outlaw USA
Peter Pan UK
The Phantom of the Opera USA-R48 (revised)
USA-R48 (Mini)
Pinocchio Ita (-5) (revised)
Pit and the Pendulum USA
A Place in the Sun Ita (-5)
The Postman Always Rings Twice USA
The Roaring Twenties USA (revised)
Saboteur Ita (-6)
Sabrina USA-R65
Sherlock Jr. USA (-1)
A Star Is Born UK
Tarantula! Ita D / Ita (-4)
The Wild Bunch USA
The Wolf Man Ita (-9)
Wuthering Heights USA

Updated 12th January 2022

Lobby Card Sets

Title Country
American in Paris, An Ita (-7)
Ita-R54 (-4)
Bambi Ita (-6)
Barbarella Ita D / Ita (-1)
The Big Sleep Ita (-2)
The Birth of a Nation USA-R21
Breakfast at Tiffany's Ita (-4)
Casablanca Ita D (-3) / Ita (-12)
Ita D-R49 (-1) / Ita-R49 (-11)
Casque d'Or Ita-R55 (-3)
A Clockwork Orange USA (-3)
Don't Bother to Knock Ita D (-1) / Ita (-5)
Eight and a Half Ita D / Ita (-2)
East of Eden Ita (-1)
Foreign Correspondent Ita (-11)
Ita-R57 (-4)
The Ghost of Frankenstein Ita (-8)
Gone With the Wind Ita D (-3) / Ita (-4)
Ita-R54 (-6)
Ita Q-R56 (-1) / Ita-R56
I Confess Ita (-4)
La Strada Ita D / Ita (-1)
L'Avventura Ita (-1)
The Man Who Knew Too Much Ita (-4)
The Mystery of the Wax Museum USA (-3)
Notorious Ita (-6)
One Million Years B.C. Ita (-2)
Pinocchio Ita (-5)
The Prince and the Showgirl Ita (-9)
Rear Window Ita-R60 (-1)
The Red Shoes Ita (-2)
Saboteur Ita D-R50s (-1)
The Searchers Ita (-2)
The Seventh Seal Ita (-3)
Stage Fright Ita (-9)
Strangers on a Train Ita (-6)
The Thing From Another World Ita (-4)
This Island Earth Ita D / Ita (-6)
The Time Machine Ita (-1)
To Catch a Thief Ita (-4)
The Trouble With Harry Ita (-5)
Vertigo Ita (-4)
The Wizard of Oz Ita-R48 (Deluxe) (-10)
Ita-R48 (-4)
The Wrong Man Ita (-1)
You Can't Take It With You Ita-R51 (-5)