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Updated 12th March 2022

Lobby Card Sets

Title Country
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Ita (-3)
Apocalypse Now USA
Citizen Kane Ita (-10)
Easter Parade USA
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman Ita (-4)
The Godfather USA
USA (Mini)
The Godfather Part II USA
USA (International)
The Grapes of Wrath Ita D (-1) / Ita (-4)
The Hound of the Baskervilles UK
Invaders From Mars Ita (-4)
It's a Wonderful Life Ita (-3)
The Lady From Shanghai Ita (-7)
Little Caesar USA-R54
Love Me Tonight USA
No More Orchids USA (revised)
The Return of Dr. X USA (-1) (revised)
The Seven Year Itch Ita (-2) (revised)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture USA
You Were Never Lovelier USA

Updated 12th February 2022

Lobby Card Sets

Title Country
All About Eve Ita D (-1) / Ita (-3)
Barbarella UK (revised) Fra
Batman USA (revised)
Blazing Saddles USA
Blonde Venus USA (-1)
The Day the Earth Stood Still Ita D (-1) / Ita (-2)
Doctor Cyclops Ita (-2)
Frankenstein Ger-R57 (set)
The Girl Can't Help It UK
Henry V USA
House of Dracula Ita (-5)
The Hustler USA
The Invisible Man Returns Ita (-8)
The Italian Job USA
It Came From Outer Space Ita D / Ita (-2)
La Dolce Vita USA-R66 (revised)
Leave Her to Heaven USA
Logan's Run USA
Manhattan USA
The Man With the Golden Arm USA
Mary Poppins USA
Midnight USA
Murders in the Zoo USA (-2)
Niagara Ita D (-1) / Ita (-3)
Notorious Ita (-5) (one new)
The Outlaw USA
Peter Pan UK
The Phantom of the Opera USA-R48 (revised)
USA-R48 (Mini)
Pinocchio Ita (-5) (revised)
Pit and the Pendulum USA
A Place in the Sun Ita (-5)
The Postman Always Rings Twice USA
The Roaring Twenties USA (revised)
Saboteur Ita (-6)
Sabrina USA-R65
Sherlock Jr. USA (-1)
A Star Is Born UK
Tarantula! Ita D / Ita (-4)
The Wild Bunch USA
The Wolf Man Ita (-9)
Wuthering Heights USA

Updated 12th January 2022

Lobby Card Sets

Title Country
American in Paris, An Ita (-7)
Ita-R54 (-4)
Bambi Ita (-6)
Barbarella Ita D / Ita (-1)
The Big Sleep Ita (-2)
The Birth of a Nation USA-R21
Breakfast at Tiffany's Ita (-4)
Casablanca Ita D (-3) / Ita (-12)
Ita D-R49 (-1) / Ita-R49 (-11)
Casque d'Or Ita-R55 (-3)
A Clockwork Orange USA (-3)
Don't Bother to Knock Ita D (-1) / Ita (-5)
Eight and a Half Ita D / Ita (-2)
East of Eden Ita (-1)
Foreign Correspondent Ita (-11)
Ita-R57 (-4)
The Ghost of Frankenstein Ita (-8)
Gone With the Wind Ita D (-3) / Ita (-4)
Ita-R54 (-6)
Ita Q-R56 (-1) / Ita-R56
I Confess Ita (-4)
La Strada Ita D / Ita (-1)
L'Avventura Ita (-1)
The Man Who Knew Too Much Ita (-4)
The Mystery of the Wax Museum USA (-3)
Notorious Ita (-6)
One Million Years B.C. Ita (-2)
Pinocchio Ita (-5)
The Prince and the Showgirl Ita (-9)
Rear Window Ita-R60 (-1)
The Red Shoes Ita (-2)
Saboteur Ita D-R50s (-1)
The Searchers Ita (-2)
The Seventh Seal Ita (-3)
Stage Fright Ita (-9)
Strangers on a Train Ita (-6)
The Thing From Another World Ita (-4)
This Island Earth Ita D / Ita (-6)
The Time Machine Ita (-1)
To Catch a Thief Ita (-4)
The Trouble With Harry Ita (-5)
Vertigo Ita (-4)
The Wizard of Oz Ita-R48 (Deluxe) (-10)
Ita-R48 (-4)
The Wrong Man Ita (-1)
You Can't Take It With You Ita-R51 (-5)