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Lobby Card Sets

Humphrey Bogart (24)

Title Country
The African Queen USA UK
Angels With Dirty Faces USA-R45 Ita
The Big Sleep Ita (-2)
Casablanca USA Ita D (-3) / Ita (-12)
USA-R49 Ita D-R49 (-1) / Ita-R49 (-11)
USA-R56 Ita-R62
Dark Passage USA
Dark Victory USA
Dead Reckoning USA
High Sierra USA
The Maltese Falcon USA Ita-R61
The Petrified Forest USA
The Return of Dr. X USA (-1)
The Roaring Twenties USA
Sabrina USA Ita D / Ita
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre USA
Total 15 8 1