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Blackmail (UK)

Stars: Anny Ondra, John Longden, Cyril Ritchard,
         Donald Calthrop (as the blackmailer)
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
British International Pictures production 28, released in Jun-1929

Window Card Australian Daybill Australian One-Sheet (incomplete) German Two-Sheet

These are the only known surviving posters for this film.

Lobby Cards and Stills
German Aushangfoto Lobby Card Lobby Card Film Lobby Card

The first image (actually a restrike) shows Hitchcock's cameo appearance - he's reading on the left.
The next three images show the murder scene, while the last is the blackmailer at work.

Lobby Card Set
Cards in scene order
Set made with Irfanview

This half set of lobby cards is all that can be displayed for the film at the moment.
The other cards exist as part of just one complete set, all of which have had their borders partially removed.