Posters, Lobbies and Stills

A selection of movie memorabilia, with vintage movie posters, lobby cards and stills

United States Of America (5,402)

1) Placed in display box in front of theater:
One-Sheet (419)

27x41 inches
27x41 inches (day-glo)
41x27 inches (rare size)
Three-Sheet (48)

41x81 inches
Independent (2)

25x38 inches (rare size)
11x16 inches (rare size)

Deep Throat
Pink Flamingos
2) Placed in theater lobbies:
Insert (57)

14x36 inches
Half-Sheet (182)

28x22 inches
Lobby Title Card (133)

14x11 inches
11x14 inches (rare size)
Lobby Scene Card (968)

14x11 inches
17x9.5 inches (rare size)
Lobby Card Set

Set of eight cards

Sets made with Irfanview
Jumbo Lobby Card (10)

17x14 inches
14x17 inches
De Luxe Lobby Card (7)

14x11 inches
11x14 inches (rare size)

A Matter of Life and Death
Citizen Kane
Henry V (2)
Singin' in the Rain (2)
Phantom of the Opera

These are also known as photo lobbies
De Luxe Lobby Card Set

Set of ten cards

Sets made with Irfanview
Photo Still (3,222)

10x8 inches
8x10 inches
8x10 inches (color-glos)
10x8 inches (color-glos)
10x8 inches (full color)
Mini Lobby Card Set

Set of twelve cards

Sets made with Irfanview
Personality Poster (14)
MGM MGM MGM MGM Paramount Warner Bros. Warner Bros.
1931 1932 1934 1936 1936 1934 1942

22x28 inches
Standee (11)

20x60 inches (rare size)
From 15x45 inches to 30x36 inches (approx) (rare size)

Dames (3)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (8)
Lenticular (1)

11x14 inches (rare size)

Also 23x33 inches (rare size)
Special Issue (4)

20x28 inches (rare size)
17x25 inches (rare size)
17x22 inches (rare size)
24x14 inches (rare size)

Blade Runner
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Magnum Force
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
3) Placed in windows of local stores:
Window Card (33)

14x22 inches
22x14 inches (rare size)
Midget Window Card (8)

8x14 inches

A Day at the Races
Duck Soup
Libeled lady
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
The Mystery of the Wax Museum
Sons of the Desert
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Wizard of Oz
Jumbo Window Card (6)

22x28 inches

Bride of Frankenstein
Mata Hari
A Night at the Opera
The Philadelphia Story
Soundtrack Poster (1)

18x24 inches (rare size)
Standee (1)

28x22 inches (rare size)
4) Pasted onto wall outside of theater, or placed in larger theater lobbies
Three-Sheet (48)

41x81 inches
Six-Sheet (84)

81x81 inches
Two-Sheet (1)

41x54 inches (rare size)
Large Banner (3)

118x36 inches
102x47 inches
120x35 inches

Pulp Fiction
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Banner (3)

82x24 inches

Not of This Earth
Target Earth
The Walking Dead
5) For theater use:
Pressbook (6)

13x26 inches
14x20 inches
11x17 inches

The Bride of Frankenstein
Carnival of Souls
The Devil Doll
The 39 Steps
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
The Wizard of Oz
Glass Slide (2)

4x3 inches

Murders in the Rue Morgue
The Public Enemy
Herald (4)

9x6 inches
10x8 inches
9x21 inches
8x11 inches

Creature From the Black Lagoon
The Mummy
North By Northwest
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Jumbo Postcard (2)

9x6.5 inches
6.5x9 inches

North By Northwest (2)
Program (1)

8.5x11 inches
Promotional Item (7)

14x20 inches (lobby hanger)
4x7 inches (door knob hanger)
11x22 inches (jigsaw)
10x6 inches (mask)
17x25 inches (lobby hanger)
9x9 inches (mask)

The Birds
The Day the Earth Stood Still
King Kong (3)
Star Wars (2)
Marquee (10)

Special marquee outside a theater, 1932
6) Placed on an easel outside the theater:
Thirty By Forty (16)

30x40 inches
Forty By Sixty (21)

40x60 inches

Easel displaying a 30x40 poster outside a theater, 1951
7) Placed on theater entrance doors:
Door Panel (53)

20x60 inches (rare size)
8) Placed outside theater:
Standee (3)

54x123 inches (rare size)
40x60 inches
40x78 inches (rare size)

King Kong
The Seven Year Itch
Singin' in the Rain

Most standees are 40x60 posters cut down to 32x58 inches

Two standees, 1951
9) Placed in a display box on a subway wall:
Subway (3)

60x45 inches

The Blues Brothers
Logan's Run
The Matrix
10) Pasted onto roadside billboard:
Twenty Four-Sheet (13)

246x108 inches
11) Behind The Scenes:
Camera Negative (2)

8x10 inches
10x8 inches

Grand Hotel (2)
Contact Sheet (2)

8x10 inches

Psycho (2)
Costume Sketch (4)

15x20 inches
14x17 inches
15x23 inches

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Rear Window
The Seven Year Itch
Film Car Placard (1)

12x6 inches

These were placed in the windshields of antique cars during filming
Studio Photo Still (2)

5x4 inches
4x5 inches

All About Eve
Something's Got to Give
Transparency (4)

10x8 inches
8x10 inches
4x5 inches
2.25x2.25 inches

Bus Stop
Let's Make Love
Some Like It Hot
Prop (4)

5x12 inches
7x5 inches
29x71 inches
30x43 inches

Forbidden Planet
The Maltese Falcon
Star Wars
Under Capricorn
12) Commercial:
Thirty By Forty (1)

29x38 inches

This day-glo poster was made to be sold directly to the public and came in three slightly different sizes
Lobby Card #9 (12)

14x11 inches

These are glossy cards, usually created by adding new images to original lobby card art