Posters, Lobbies and Stills

A selection of movie memorabilia, with vintage movie posters, lobby cards and stills

United Kingdom (315)

1) Period Up To About 1940:
British One-Sheet (1)

27x40 inches
British Six-Sheet (2)

40x87 inches

These posters are made up of six double crowns, so are called six-sheets, even though they are closer to a US three-sheet in size

The Ring
The 39 Steps
British Twelve-Sheet (1)

87x87 inches

This is actually the original artwork for a twelve-sheet, which would have been similar to a US six-sheet in size

British Front Of House (7)

10x8 inches

Dante's Inferno
Destry Rides Again
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2)
Duck Soup (2)
2) Domestic, Period From About 1940-Present:
British Double Crown (20)

20x30 inches
24x34 inches

The second one could be a small subway poster
British Half-Sheet (2)

28x22 inches

The Ladykillers
Whisky Galore
British Quad (133)

40x30 inches

Also 30x40 inches (rare size)
British Title Card (3)

10x8 inches

Kind Hearts and Coronets
Under Capricorn
British Front Of House (111)

10x8 inches
8x10 inches (rare size)
British Front Of House Set

Set of eight cards

Sets made with Irfanview
British Lobby Card (1)

14x11 inches
British Door Panel (2)

20x60 inches (rare size)

Ball of Fire
Kind Hearts and Coronets
British Sixteen-Sheet (1)

80x120 inches

This poster is made up of sixteen double crowns
British Thirty-Sheet (1)

200x90 inches

This poster was withdrawn due to the controversial image
British Pressbook (2)

8.5x11 inches

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
The Man Who Knew Too Much
British Novel Poster (1)

39x27 inches (rare size)

This poster was printed in Italy, for a novel which seems to have been priced at 25 shillings
Prop (1)

101x163 inches

3) International, Period From About 1945-Present:
Unlike the domestic output, these items do not display British ratings certificates
British One-Sheet (15)

27x40 inches
British Three-Sheet (1)

40x81 inches
British Six-Sheet (1)

81x81 inches
British Lobby Card (8)

14x11 inches

The African Queen
Brighton Rock (2)
Laughter in Paradise
The Man in the White Suit
From Russia With Love
The Red Shoes (2)
British Lobby Card Set

Set of eight cards

Sets made with Irfanview