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A selection of movie memorabilia, with vintage movie posters, lobby cards and stills

Germany (350)

1) Pre-War Period:
German One-Sheet (3)

37x28 inches

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (2)
The Vampire
Woman in the Moon
German Two-Sheet (8)

37x56 inches

The Blue Angel
Diary of a Lost Girl
M (2)
Pandora's Box
German Three-Sheet (10)

37x83 inches
German Four-Sheet (1)

75x56 inches
German Aushangfoto (18)

12x9 inches
9x12 inches
German Postcard (15)

5x3.5 inches
3.5x5 inches
German Programme (1)

9x12 inches
2) Post-War Period:
German A2 (1)

16x23 inches
German A1 (19)

23x33 inches

Also 33x23 inches (rare size)
German A0 (4)

46x33 inches
33x46 inches (rare size)

East of Eden
Stalag 17
Suddenly, Last Summer
Woman of the River
German Aushangfoto (267)

12x9 inches (title, rare style)
12x9 inches
9x12 inches
20x15 inches
German Double Aushangfoto (2)

16x12 inches (rare style)
12x16 inches (rare style)


German Aushangfoto were printed in large sets, so would often depict scenes not included in US lobby card sets

Films with the most Aushangfoto on this site:

Breakfast at Tiffany's
From Russia With Love
The Lord of the Rings
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Star Wars

German Programme (1)

6x8 inches